Everything You Need to Know Regarding “About Us’’ of Online Shopping Website!


'First impression lasts forever'' -if you want to create a positive first impression on your customers, there is no alternative to an ''about us'' of online shopping website.

What is an About Us page

About us page is what tells your customers who you are.

It is a summary of your company. It is a page on your website that explains what your business does.

An About Us page gives online shoppers insight into your brand and the people behind it. When a visitor wants to learn more about you or your business, it's the page they will look for. An about us of online shopping website should cover basic information about the store and its founders.

Your About Us page should tell the story behind your brand and its journey. Also, you can highlight what makes your brand unique and why should customers choose you. About Us page should be a goal-oriented page that focuses on highlighting the biggest selling points of your business, making a strong impression on inquiring customers.

Importance of ‘About Us’ of online shopping website

When it comes to personalizing your website, nothing is more effective than an About Us page. The about us of online shopping website is extremely important for making a good first impression. , Also, it is significant for building customer trust and loyalty.

Moreover, if you use it right, it will help you increase sales. When shopping online, buyers want to know more about who they are buying from, and they get that information from the About Us page on your website.

A good About us section can turn your bland e-commerce store into a well-loved brand icon. Hence, give your customers a reason to shop from your brand.

Additionally, the About Us page is an important marketing tool. It can convince new website visitors that they can do business for you. This page is where you tell them why you’re a good choice for them and provide them with the information they need to know about you.

About us pages fill several roles including traditional and search-engine marketing, relationship building with customers, and more. It also acts as is a powerful differentiator and helps your website to stand out from their competitors.

Placement of the About Us section and why it matters!

The placement of the About Us of online shopping website is very important!

The problem with many About Us pages is they are quite often a barely detectable link embedded in the footer of a website that leads to a few thoughtlessly written paragraphs about a company. This fails to draw the attention of your customers, let alone keep their interest and impress them. If your website visitors can not find your About Us page easily, it might affect your impression adversely.

Hence, you should place the page in a manner that it is visible to the visitors right when they land on your home page. Make your About Us page easy to find. It could be at the top of the page – right or left, in a left-hand navigation column, or even at the bottom of the home page. Just remember to keep it visible.

ALT = ''Example of a clearly noticeable about us of online shopping website ''
Example of a clearly noticeable about us section

Moreover, give the section the priority it deserves. Instead of jotting down a small segment somewhere on the home page, dedicate an entire page to it. Customize and arrange the page in an appealing manner to attract customers. Organize it in a lively and interesting manner - make the most out of it.

The Musts of the About Us of Online Shopping Website

The specific contents of an about us page may differ from business to business. The style used to assemble the page can also vary. Yet, no matter the nature of a business or its owner, some key points must be covered while building an about us for online website.

Mission Statement

People prefer to buy from companies they can put their faith in. In the modern era, it might not always be enough to just place a product in front of people and hope they would buy it.

For you to be able to gain the customers you need to give them something to believe in. Your customers want to feel like they are buying into a movement that says something about themselves. People want to invest in something that has a cause.

ALT = '' add mission statement in the about us of online shopping website ''

Incorporating your mission statement in your About Us of online shopping website does that for you. It gives your visitor an overview of your goals and aims, and shows them what makes you unique. It shares the reason why your company exists and what it intends to offer.

Brand Story

ALT = '' tell your stroy through about us page''

The main purpose of your About Us page is to tell your visitors what your company is about. So, share your story with your customers in a unique and appealing way. Your customers should be able to connect with your story while reading your about us page. So, narrate your story in a way that they can connect to it on an emotional level.

Use this platform to tell your back story, and how you came up with the idea of this website. Once they have engaged with your story, tell them how you care about them and want to solve their problems. Tell them about your current products and share with them your future plans and how you want to grow along with them.

When a customer feels that your story is honest, they’ll prefer you over your competitors and even recommend your company to others.

Unique Value Proposition

If visitors landed on your About us page, they are likely interested in you and are expecting to find some kind of benefit or value from your business.

ALT = '' about us of your website should provide value ''

So, in your About us page, focus on your customers and the problems they are facing and how you can solve it for them. Show that you understand your audience, that you have the right solution and that you can offer value to them.

Your About Us page is a good opportunity to summarize your supply chain, how your business works, and relate that back to the mission that drives you. It shows that you can be trusted can have a significant impact on your sales numbers.

Your business model and unique value proposition can be a selling point that’s worth including on their About Us page. You can tell them how your business works, from where you source the materials for your products and how you manufacture them.

Here, you can highlight how you offer value to your customers as well as thos who are working for you. You can flaunt a breakdown of the portion of your revenue that goes to a charity and mention how it aligns to your company values.

How to Make the Most out of About Us pages

When you are putting so much effort into writing About us for online shopping website, of course, you want to make the most out of it. To do so, you must step out of the ordinary. Alongside the basics, add some more elements to your About us page to help attract your visitors.

Share Success Story

Your Success story shows how far you have come. It illustrates all the challenges you faced and the goals you have achieved so far. Not only does this help customers get to know your company better, but it also helps reinforce your brand authority if you’ve been around for some time.

ALT = '' share your awards and acheivements on about us ''

If there’s something that can convince your customers better than your word, it’s your numbers. If you have good stats to back your words up, numbers that show how you have been living up to your goals, how you’ve grown towards your vision and mission, how customers have benefitted from you, or more, show them in your about us page.

Moreover, including social proof on your About Us page show you are impacting your customers or your industry. Press mentions, awards, and other wins are common milestones that can be used to help tell your story. So, be bold to flaunt the awards you have won in your About us of online shopping website.

Flaunt Customer Reviews

In the B2B world, customer reviews can be very powerful additions to your About Us page. Reviews, press mentions, or user-generated content can be efficient to build rapport with potential customers.

People habitually tend to incline towards reviews from other buyers. So it only makes sense for your potential customers to hear from one or two of your best clients. It will place your business in a positive light when they’re reading your story and help turn them from potential customers in paying customers.

Introduce the faces behind the success

ALT = '' introduce team members in about us of online shopping website ''
Introduce your team

Customers are often intrigued to know the names and faces behind the brand. Giving a face to your brand not only helps to humanize it, but also helps visitors to communicate your company culture.

So, highlight the founders, introduce the team members, share their stories! You can also include their pictures, their backgrounds, their qualifications, etc.

This lets your consumers know that they can trust the people behind your product. Hence, build your brand and make your company a good fit to serve your market.

Take It To The Next Level with 5 extra steps!

Your about us page is where you can target potential customers on both the idea or brand of the business as well as specific products. An engaging and inviting about us page helps you stand out amongst other competitors. Here is how you can make your About Us of online shopping website more interactive -

Social Media Tags

This is the era of digitalization and social media. And if this digital age has taught us anything, it's the power of promoting yourself across multiple platforms.

If you add your social media details in about us page, your visitors can browse and follow you on social media. They can keep in touch and get updates about you from there.

Additionally, you can use your About page to post content about you and your company, then link to your blog. You can also promote on social media like Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook page to drive more visitors.

Moreover, by adding social media icons on your About Us page you can allow users to help promote your business on social networks and cause some buzz.

Show Not Tell

Mixing up the media on your About Us page can be a real game-changer. Adding visuals can add variety and help break up the monotonous text in your page layout. A picture or video engages visitors to an about us page in a way that text cannot.

When it comes to a picture gallery, your options are endless. For instance, you can include behind-the-scene pictures of your team working on something related to the store, a product showcase photo, a customer testimonial, a combination of these elements, or something else entirely that fits into the store's brand.

Conversely, you can also invest in videos in your About Us page that helps visitors get to know you, your brand story, or your products. However, there is no point in just throwing off random pictures and videos. You must integrate these elements in a way that makes sense and passes a message to enhances your story.

Keep in Touch

Your About Us page is how people know you and your story. It is from this point onwards that these visitors would be interested to make a contact. A visitor might want to contact you for multiple reasons. It could be for a query, job application, partnership, or more. So always include a way – for your customers to get in touch with you or the right people in your company.

You can include a contact option or a link that takes visitors to contact me page. Additionally, you can also add names, email addresses, office, and mobile phone numbers so visitors can call or send emails if they need fast answers.

Call To Action

ALT = '' add a CTA button in the about us of online shopping website ''

You must not let your potential customers leave without making a certain action. You can utilize your About Us page and use it to funnel visitors to other parts of your website; whether it’s a blog post or social profile. Putting a simple CTA button at the bottom of your About us page can do wonders for your conversion rates.

You can incorporate any relevant links into your text and encourage visitors to continue the journey by assisting them to follow your social accounts, read your blog, check out your products or more

Depending on your business model, aim for simple and actionable sentences to draw the attention, for instance - ‘Get 50% discount now’.

Keep Updating

Last but not least, stay up to date!

ALT = '' timely update the about us of online shopping website ''

Certainly, you don't want your potential customers to visit your website only to get information that’s outdated or no longer accurate. Moreover, the information on your About Us page should also match up with your messaging and your products.

So to ensure that your information aligns with everything else on your website, take some time every few months to check and update the details on your About Us page of your online shopping website.

You can use templates or copy-paste free samples available online, but that won't be enough to stay ahead in competition. Try following these steps and make a personalized About us that will fill in your visitors emotionally as well as informatically.


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