6 Alternatives to Hubspot CRM


Are you looking for a Sales and Marketing software Alternative to Hubspot CRM that better tunes to your company needs?

In today’s commercial world, there is no denying of the importance Customer Relationship Management. Besides there is no hiding that automated systems bring efficiency to your business. But thanks to the existence of CRM software, it has become very easy to integrate the entire customer relationship cycle.

When it comes to sales, inbound marketing, and CRM software- HubSpot without doubt has managed to steal the spotlight.

But, it might not be the best solution for everyone. Although HubSpot has a lot to offer, it might come off as rather complicated to many.

That said, the market is full of HubSpot alternatives for you to find a choice that is more pleasing to what your company is aiming for. So, we put together a list of 12 alternatives to Hubspot CRM for you to choose from.

But before we dive into the discussion, lets briefly check out what HubSpot has to offer.


HubSpot is a handy marketing automation and CRM software that helps businesses create successful, effective, and measurable inbound marketing campaigns. In addition, it offers all the necessary tools including website analytics, email marketing, blogging, social media, and a lot more - all in one package.

Above all, HubSpot provides a completely free CRM, with no expiration date, unlimited users, and up to 1 million contacts. Hence, it provides enough functionality to improve processes and structure at no cost.

It offers a wide range of features in its free plan for instance - task dashboard, automatic sales logging, contact and lead management, sales pipeline management etc.

Key features of HubSpot CRM -

  • Document Storage
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation Integration
  • Lead Scoring
  • Task Management
  • Segmentation
  • Integration
  • Templates

HubSpot CRM allows you a storage of up to 1 million contacts and company records using their email addresses, inbox, or form submissions, with details. In fact, this includes revenue, industry, personal information, and a lot more.

To begin with, you can easily create visually appealing emails and automatically send the right emails to the right customer at the right time. In addition a built-in activity stream allows notifications to be delivered immediately after a lead opens an email, clicks on a link, or downloads an important document.

It also offers automated publication of recorded calls, and sales notes to a contact’s unique timeline and simplifies the task of improving cold leads in the future.

Secondly, you can use it to see every detail about a customer within a single contact profile, and access an ordered overview of each touch point between your company and a contact. All-in-one contact gives you the full context of leads’ history, making it easy to generate targeted lists, automate email campaigns and thus increase conversions.

alt = '' HubSpot task overview ''

Besides, It is compatible with Outlook, Windows Office 365, and Gmail. You can also attach your contact and company to Google Drive and Dropbox files for easy access. Other than that, there's a large variety of HubSpot CRM integrations available including Eventbrite, LiveChat, WordPress, and Shopify. .

Above all, you can choose from HubSpot’s built-in library of templates and on-page editors to create and launch landing pages, emails, blog designs, and even websites without any help from IT.

The HubSpot CRM tool offers a lot more services like Email Tracking and Pipeline Management. It also reduces your work by letting you add notes, saving files, and emailing them from within the CRM to keep everything together.

To list, Here are 6 alternative to Hubspot CRM that you could consider -

  1. Salesforce
  2. SendinBlue
  3. Drip
  4. SharpSpring
  5. Engage Bay
  6. Zoho CRM

They’re all comparable to HubSpot CRM in their features. In this list, we have included freemium and paid software that works well for small businesses as well as enterprises.

1. SalesForce CRM

Salesforce is an amazing CRM choice for all types of companies because it can be scaled and customised to meet the demands of a diverse range of businesses.

Unlike HubSpot, SalesForce is not free software, but it is still affordable. In particular, it offers 4 different plans for you to choose from depending on the size and needs of your business.

  1. Essentials: It has a rate of $25 /user/month and is suitable for small businesses for up to five users.
  2. Professional: It has a rate of $75 /user/month and is suitable for large businesses as it can be used for unlimited users.
  3. Enterprise: It has a rate of $150 /user/month and is suitable for enterprises
  4. Unlimited: It has a rate of $300 /user/month and is suitable for highly tech-oriented businesses and enterprises

However, SalesForce has a lot to offer to you. Its features include -

  • Contact Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Customer Engagement Tools
  • Document Storage
  • Task Management
  • Mobile-Ready Dashboard
  • Work flow management
  • Opportunity Tracking
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Integration

Salesforce CRM offers the most efficient contact management and data-driven user engagements. It provides you tools that can track sales activities and previous customer interactions. So you can have a deeper understanding of your customers.

It also uses consumer data from emails and social media, and allows you further insight into the preferences of your leads and customers.

Secondly, it gives you insight into the various features of your sales process and helps you determine sales opportunities, assess their value, and help you prioritise them according to importance.

Furthermore, Salesforce CRM lets you check on all aspects of your contacts at one glance, starting from customer activity to conversion rates. Also, it allows you to monitor conversions in real-time and create weekly forecasts for more systematic way.

Moreover, Salesforce CRM is a completely cloud-hosted software. So it allows you to access your dashboards, reports, and other CRM data on mobile devices.

alt = '' Salesforce Dashboard alternative to HubSpot CRM''

Finally, Salesforce CRM is very flexible and can blend seamlessly with other software ecosystems through powerful APIs. This lets you integrate with third-party applications like JIRA, Freshdesk, Zendesk, FinancialForce, and more.

SalesForce clearly has a well defined CRM solution and thus can be considered as an alternative to HubSpot CRM.

2. SendinBlue

Sendinblue is a CRM software offering simple, easy-to-use email marketing solution. It is a one-stop place for you to organise your team and track every customer interaction.

Sendinblue has five pricing plans for businesses for different budgets.

  • Free plan
  • Lite plan - $25/month
  • Essential plan - $39/month
  • Premium plan - $66/month
  • Enterprise plan - custom pricing

It has an excellent range of features, that makes it a good alternative to Hubspot.

SendinBlue offers the following CRM features -

  • Email marketing
  • Customisation
  • SMS marketing
  • Chat
  • Workflow Management
  • Segmentation
  • Contacts organisation
  • Data Collection
  • Integration

SendinBlue specialises in email marketing. It offers you a range of pre-built templates that you can use to create personalised and professional-looking emails in no time.

alt = '' SendinBllue alternative to HubSpot CRM''

Secondly, it allows you to segment your customers based on multiple selected criteria. So that you can easily create targeted emails and campaigns as well as optimise it. It also offers advanced segmentation techniques that allow you to group similar contacts and help you to choose the better message with the A/B testing.

Moreover, Sendinblue offers SMS marketing where you can send out text-based messages about upcoming products and services, events, deals, and other news to all your contacts in the database.

Another unique feature offered is Chat- which allows you to be present for your customers at all times. Using this feature you can answer to your customer's queries instantly. You can also assemble all your customer data in one place and at the same time manage your team, their tasks with assigned deadlines, and a lot more.

All these handy features and services makes SendinBlue a top choice of marketers as an alternative to HubSpot CRM.

3. Drip

Drip is the world's first E-commerce CRM. It lets you see how your audience responds to and interacts with your company.

Although Drip offers a lot of CRM tools, it is very well-formatted and easy to use.

There are 3 plans available:

  • Basic: $49/month for up to 2,500 subscribers
  • Pro: $122/month for up to 5,000 subscribers
  • Enterprise: Pricing Varies

Very similar to Hubspot, Drip has a lot of services and features to offer for a great price. It is definitely a good alternative for you to consider.

Drip CRM features are -

  • Email marketing
  • Multi-channel Marketing
  • Customer tracking
  • Contact management
  • Visual Workflow
  • Personalization
  • one-hit campaigns
  • Tracking code
  • Segmentation
  • Marketing Automation Integration
  • Social media Integration

Drip eCommerce CRM offers an incredible email designer including a toolkit, pre-made templates, and blueprints for both text and visual emails. This allows you to set up personalised texts and emails. Using Drip, you can also connect with your customers through social media, landing pages, post-cards, and text messages.

Secondly, Drip's segmentation and automation features allow you to manage stronger connections with your target audience. It makes sure that you're reaching your customers with the most relevant and engaging messaging.

Thirdly, Drip offers you insights into what your customers are doing which lets you can make better decisions on how to connect with them and encourage conversions.

alt = '' Drip CRM customer insight''

Importantly, Drip lets you gather data about your clients using a unique tracking code. The tracking code allows you to see the full customer journey for each of your clients, making it easier to customise their experiences.

Visual Workflow feature is available on every account of Drip. This allows you to draft your interaction with the prospects or customers on the basis of their behaviours and subsequent actions.

Finally, Drip provides third-party integrations with a lot of services including Zapier, WebinarJam, Thrive Themes, Sumo, SproutVideo, and more. Apart from this, it has a full-featured Javascript and server-side APIs and outbound webhooks as well.


SharpSpring is a cloud-based marketing automation tool that helps companies manage their marketing campaigns and build leads. Its CRM tools offer some amazing features making it a good alternative to HubSpot CRM .

Its particularly targeted to marketing agencies and small-to-medium-sized businesses. SharpSpring has three types of pricing and all three plans provide a full feature set, unlimited support, and unlimited users.

  • $550 per month and supports up to 1,500 contacts.
  • $850 per month and supports 10,000 contacts
  • $1,250 per month and supports 20,000 contacts

SharpSpring also offers a custom, negotiable options for agencies and enterprises.

SharpSpring offers a collection of CRM features as well as integrations with some of the best CRM software. Consequently, the system itself can operate as the central platform supporting both sales and marketing functions.

SharpSpring features include -

  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Segmentation
  • Sales tasks
  • Relationship management
  • Customer service
  • Blog builder
  • Integration
  • Tracking customer engagement

Using this you can pick from a range of email templates or build your own using WYSIWYG and HTML editors. You can also send test emails as well as smart emails for one-on-one communication.

Consequently, you can track email recipients, auto-fill out forms, download content, and a lot more.

Unlike HubSpot, here you can create blog pages using templates, schedule and add new blog posts, as well as share your content via social networks and email.

SharpSpring has a VisitorID feature for tracking known any unknown leads and anonymous site visitors. VisitorID uses a reverse IP lookup tool for tracking the name and company of the site visitor and passes on the contact information to marketers.

It can also track page visits, search terms and referral URLs. You can also filter site pages and specific contacts out of those site visitors for follow-up.

Consequently, SharpSpring integrates with a variety of content management systems, customer relationship management systems, form builders, and other marketing applications via its App Marketplace.

Using SharpSpring's ‘Social Assistant' you can track contacts and send emails using your Gmail account. You can also import leads into SharpSpring. Likewise, you can also add the leads you've generated via Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

alt = '' SharpSpring alternative to HubSpot CRM''

Finally, SharpSpring also offers an all-in-one solution that combines CRM and marketing automation features. So ideal alternative to HubSpot CRM for companies that want to have a built-in CRM.

5. EngageBay

EngageBay is an all-in-one marketing, CRM, sales, and support software designed to help small and growing businesses. This CRM offers a range of features that enables you to manage your customer relationships better.

All-in-One Suite has four plans where products are offered either on a monthly, yearly (20 percent discount) or biennial (40 percent discount) subscription :

  • Free plan
  • Basic plan for $14.99/user/month
  • Growth plan for $49.99/user/month
  • Pro Plan for $79.99/user/month

EngageBay CRM is easy and has a lot to offer in all of its plans. It provides all the tools you need to automate routine and manual marketing tasks, organise contacts, track deals and sales pipeline, and provide customer assistance using a single platform!

Features of EngageBay CRM includes -

  • Email marketing
  • Marketing Automation Integration
  • Segmentation
  • Document Storage
  • Calendar/Reminder System
  • Task Management
  • Integration
  • Tracking customer engagement
  • Quotes/Proposals
  • Territory Management

CRM software lets you pick from a variety of templates to formulate professional emails that suit your customers. This gives you a content management system that has email personalisation, email sequences, drip email campaigns, and built-in analytics.

It also offers Email tracking that syncs with Outlook and Gmail and lets you review the status of your emails. It also helps you manage contacts, get notifications in real-time, or build from email templates.

The software lets you track the context and content of conversations so you can use this information to make the most targeted offers to your contacts.

At the same time, along with email, it also offers SMS marketing and social media marketing for you to be able to communicate with your customer easily.

Also, it offers a holistic, 360-degree customer view so you can understand your customers better than ever before. This improves your content marketing by finding which of your content does the best and then reproducing similar outcomes - As a result, it improves your relationship with your customers.

alt = '' EngageBay 360 degree view of customer contacts''

Lastly, EngageBay integrates with a lot of different sites to improve your overall CRM experience including Xero, Mandrill, Mailgun, SendGrid, Zapier, and more.

All these makes is a suitable alternative to HubSpot CRM.

6. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is an award-winning web-based CRM that is an ideal fit for a variety of business sizes. It is designed to attract, retain, and satisfy customers to grow your business.

Zoho CRM offers a free edition and 4 per-user subscription plans that are billed monthly or annually.

  • Free Edition - Free
  • Standard - $18/user/month
  • Professional - $30/user/month
  • Enterprise - $45/user/month
  • Ultimate - $55/user/month

The multiple plans include a lot of relevant CRM features which make it an excellent alternative to HubSpot for company growth.

Zoho CRM allows a broad range of features, mostly related to meeting more sales and attracting more customers. Its unique features makes it a great alternative to HubSpot CRM.

Important features include -

  • Email Marketing
  • Segmenting
  • Document Storage
  • Real-Time Forecasting
  • Call log and notes
  • Internal Chat Integration
  • Task Management
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Workflow Management
  • Social media integration
  • Marketing Automation Integration
  • Lead Scoring

This CRM offers a convenient Opportunity Tracking tool that allows you to see your customer's details like sales cycle, contact history, and also a competitor profile to help you deliver more suitable messages.

It allows you to access the data in the easy, accurate Dynamic Reports & Dashboards.

Zoho also lets you recognise and target inactive contacts with historical data to realign your customer messaging.

Moreover, The Business Card View, allows you to access all relevant customer information in one window without the need to scroll or search. This helps you to improve relationships and make better and profitable business decisions.

alt = '' Zoho CRM alternative to HubSpot CRM''

Secondly, Zoho CRM also allows you to manage customer accounts. It lets you monitor all accounts from a shared database and view them across products, locations, accounts, and status. It also allows you to track their purchase history for cross-sell or upsell opportunities.

Importantly, Zoho CRM has a unique, dedicated mobile version for Android and iOS users which allows you to stay in control of customers even while on the go. You can control their actions, access sales records, or send invitations directly from your mobile device.

Besides, Zoho CRM integrates with important Google Apps like Gmail, Docs, and Calendar etc. On top of it, it also allows integration with a lot of other complementing apps helping you to enhance the base system significantly.

Zoho has an easy, user-friendly, and automatic User Interface- making it a good choice for everyone and a good alternative to HubSpot CRM.

Apart from these, there are countless other CRM software available for you to use.

Other notable alternative to HubSpot CRM include -

  • SalesFlare
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Wishpond
  • Less Annoying CRM
  • Ontraport
  • InfusionSoft

While all these alternatives are similar to HubSpot CRM in many ways, they have their unique features as well. Now it is for you to explore and decide which of these software would strive the best for you and your company!


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