Amazon Product Description Writer: 5 Best Platforms You can Hire From


Why should you look for an experienced Amazon product description writer? Among countless factors that can differentiate between a sale and a loss is a well-crafted product description.

An ideal product description quenches your customer’s information needs. The text alone makes them curious about your product. It wields the power to change your perception. To conclude, your sales story starts with the product description.

amazon box product description text

What Skills A Pro Amazon Product Description Writer Should Have

Elite copywriters know the ins and out of crafting persuasive product descriptions that sell. However, they do not get subdued by writing guidelines or appalled by keywords. Instead, abiding by these seemingly restrictive rules become their second nature.

It’s not as if Amazon has different rules for writing product descriptions. The general rules of product description apply here as well. However, writing for Amazon takes years of practice and effort to refine the art. Here is the simplified process.

Firstly, an Amazon product description writer needs to understand the WHATs and WHYs of the product itself.

Why do the customers use it?
What is their inner motivation?
What is the product’s USP?

Then, (s)he must empathize with the buyers to unearth their deepest desires and pain points. Next on the list is to research the market and industry. In this regard, competitors should be analyzed as well.

Therefore, (s)he must now identify the most useful features of the product and transform them into benefits. All along, the writer must know the writing guidelines and format by heart. Finally, it’s time to create a consumer-friendly marketing copy.

To conclude, a product description is sheer copywriting skills backed by marketing knowledge and refined by language and grammar. The bottom line is that it’s as easy as it looks. Nonetheless, there is always a shortcut way: hire a professional.

In case you don’t know where to start, here are the 5 best platforms to hire an Amazon product description writer on the go.

5 best Platforms to Hire an Amazon Product Description Writer

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is a world-class online marketplace. It connects businesses of all sizes with freelancers who offer services in virtually every digital category. Fiverr has 3 million+ gigs posted on the platform, and the clients can then buy these ‘gigs’.

How to Buy a Gig for Amazon Product Description Writer

Firstly, log into your Fiverr account. Then, you can simply input the phrase “Amazon Product Description Writer” in the search queries. Or instead, you can click the Writing & Translation.

fiverr search button

Now choose your category, in our case, Product Description.

categories for product description

Now select a gig that you think is the best fit for your product. For instance, we chose to proceed with the first search result.

Finally, click Continue. Pro-tip: it’s better to contact the seller before you proceed to checkout. In this way, you can clarify your queries and expectations.

Things to Look for in Your Ideal Gig Writer on Fiverr

The first and foremost criterion is high ratings. Usually, we consider 4.7+ a high rating. However, the scale is open to interpretation. Next, the seller should have a decent number of reviews.

When you make contact with the seller, make sure that (s)he is specialized in Amazon product descriptions. The writer must have clear knowledge about Amazon SEO and best practices. You can always ask a few questions to ascertain their knowledge level. Better safe than sorry.

Finally, you can choose the expertise level of the writer you wish to hire. For example, Fiverr showcases five categories of gig writers.

Categories of Sellers on Fiverr

New Seller is what the name suggests. These writers are new on the platform. Hence, you need to verify a lot before hiring one of them. However, in this case, the cost is the most obvious perk.

Next comes the Level 1 Seller. People in this category have completed at least 10 orders with a 4.8+ rating. Can you trust them? Well, it depends solely on your budget and the gravity of your product. However, we recommend them.

Third, comes the Level 2 Seller. People in this category have completed at least 50 orders with a 4.8+ rating. You can definitely trust them. The fourth category comprises top-rated sellers who have completed at least 100 orders with a 4.8+ rating.

Finally, a Pro Verified Writer is the most coveted Amazon product description writer on Fiverr and for the right reasons. However, you can probably imagine that they come with a hefty price tag.

2. Upwork

In terms of service offerings, Fiverr and Upwork fall in the same category: online marketplace. However, Upwork is better suited for highly paid freelancers who prefer retainers. That being said, Upwork is also a reliable platform to find your Amazon product description writer.

How to Post a Job on Upwork

Gig search works pretty much the same in Upwork as explained before in the Fiverr search method. In addition, you can post a job in Upwork. Make sure that the title is comprehensive and the description is well-explained.

You can further sort based on expertise level, budget, and reviews.

post a job in upwork

Things to Consider Before Hiring Your Ideal Gig Writer on Upwork

  • A high job success rate (90% or higher)
  • The number of jobs executed
  • The number of hours worked
  • Verified ID on Upwork
  • Expertise level
  • A solid portfolio on Amazon SEO and copywriting
  • Certification by UpWork on copywriting test.

3. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a one-stop station to start selling on Amazon. It features a wide range of solutions for first-time sellers and agencies alike. The USP of Jungle Scout is that it operates exclusively for and on Amazon.

Jungle Scout Amazon Website

Therefore, as expected, the platform provides freelancers for services that you might require for selling on Amazon. Product listing, Amazon SEO, product photography, legal compliance, etc. are some of the related services that you might be looking for.

Quite naturally, specialization comes with solid expertise. Hence, in terms of quality, an average Amazon product description writer on Jungle Scout is miles ahead of one operating in Fiverr or Upwork. Nonetheless, services on Jungle Scout will cost you more.

How to Hire on Jungle Scout

  1. Firstly, select the Writing & Translation Category.
  2. Select Listing Writing.
  3. Compare the writing services and packages listed by freelance writers.
  4. Next, choose the services you would like to avail. of your choice and click Proceed to Order.
  5. Finally, fillup your payment details and confirm the order.

Factors to Consider Before Hiring An Amazon Product Description Writer on Jungle Scout

  • Ratings and reviews
  • Experience level
  • Duration of delivery
  • Competitive pricing
  • Maximum number of revisions allowed

4. is a similar online marketplace such as Fiverr or Upwork. In fact, the mechanism is the same. As a client, you can list post a project for freelancers to apply. Conversely, you can also browse based on categories, choose from hundreds of profiles, chat with freelancers online, and finally hire them.

How to Hire on

1. First of all, post a job and explain your requirements.

hire a product description writer freelancer

2. Within hours, you are likely to get bids from interested applicants.
3. You can then compare the profiles and choose the best fit candidate for your job.
4. Furthermore, you can chat with your gig writer and review their portfolio.
5. Finally, pay after you get your job done and leave the platform completely satisfied.

The review criteria are the same as discussed in the Fiverr and Upwork section.

5. Premium Article Writers

Premium Article Writers is a full-fledged online content writing agency. Unlike the above-mentioned platforms, you have to pay PWA on a per-word basis. There are 3 levels of writing services available.

1. Basic Level

In this package, you get a dedicated team of one copywriter and one editor for SEO optimized content. The highest word count is 1000 words per article. In the Basic Product Description category, the ideal rate is 3 cents/word. So, for a 300-word description, you need to pay $9.00.

2. Advanced Level

In this package, you get a dedicated team of one researcher, one copywriter and one editor. In this package, all your descriptions are crafted uniquely. Moreover, you can get the primary keyword research done by the team.

The highest word count is 3000 words per article. In the advanced Product Description category, the ideal rate is 5 cents/word. So, for a 300-word description, you need to pay $15.00. Furthermore, you can get other facilities such as professional editing, backlinks to authority sites, and ready-to-publish content.

3. Premium level

In the final package, you have with you one from each background: SEO expert, content marketer, researcher, copywriter, and editor. Plus all the services in the basic and advanced category, you can further avail of the following benefits at the premium level.

  • Advanced keyword research and strategy formulation
  • SEO optimized writing
  • Content consistent with the brand guidelines.
  • Deeper industry insights and trends
  • SEO meta descriptions
  • Social sharing posts
  • Unlimited word limit

In the Premium Product Description category, the ideal rate is 10 cents/word. So, for a 300-word description, you need to pay $30.00.

Other Platforms to Hire an Amazon Product Description Writer

Here are some extra online marketplace and content writing agencies that you can look for yourself. These platforms have years of industry expertise. Hence, we believe that you can rely on them with your eyes closed.

  1. Text Brokers
  2. iWriter
  3. Rightly Written
  4. Guru
  5. Crowd Content


We hope that you find your Amazon product description writers on the platforms we have discussed. In case you are also looking for blog writing services, you are thoroughly welcome to contact BlogWriters, your dedicated content marketing team.


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