Best About Us Pages: Learning from the Top 7 Brands


We often ignore the About Us pages while stuffing the website with more practical content. However, a well-crafted About Us page, written in a relatable fashion with engaging design, can even convert your customers. So, here are, in our eyes, the best About Us pages for you to take inspiration from.

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In this blog, we will-

  • List down our top 7 selects.
  • Break down the best About Us lines.
  • Explain what content should and should not be included.
  • Analyze why the shown pages are, in fact, the best.
  • How you can create a compelling story about your brand.

Why You Need an About Us page

People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe - Simon Sinek

The core objective of your About Us Page is to describe the WHY to the people. On this page, you explain why you are selling what you are selling. You don’t merely jot down the unique value propositions. Rather, you show how these values fit into people’s lives. Finally, you state your end-goal, the future you envision.

The Best About Us pages function as virtual conversations with your website visitors. They allow the customers to know more about your brand in a humane way. Hence, it is only rational that you capitalize on the opportunity and craft a remarkable About Us page.

Moreover, the best About Us pages have the potential to hook customers on the website. Thus, the probability of conversion increases, hence more sales. Furthermore, the first page that a prospective employee visit is the About Us page. Therefore, this section can even help the company to acquire and retain talents.

About Us Page Content

It is important that you create a blueprint for your About Us Page as you do with other pages. Firstly, hold sprint sessions and focus group discussions to brainstorm on the content list. Then, fit your values in a story and present them in a humane way. Finally, your words should embody your mission and vision.

We won’t further confuse you with the rhetoric. Here are the elements that the best About Us pages have and you should too.

  1. A simple and boiled-down Company Description.
  2. Employee/Member Profiles that inspire togetherness.
  3. An Origin Story that traces the development of the brand.
  4. Specific value propositions that make your customers go wow!
  5. Subtle Call to Actions that do not bother the users.
  6. Contact Information placed correctly on the website.
  7. Career Opportunities to retain prospective employees.
  8. Visual Elements that soothes the eyes.

To know how to create the elements described, read our blog on About Us Page Content. You can further add past work references, videos, or any out-of-the-box element. However, keep in mind that they must be aligned with your brand. Besides, be sure not to overwhelm your visitors with mindless information.

List of 7 Best About Us Pages

Talent Management: Ideaware

You know that you are getting a warm welcome when you visit the Ideaware website.

Simple and engaging company description.
Precise story of the company’s WHY.
A unique and personalized website.
Friendly member profiles to inspire community feelings.
A consistent brand look and feel.

The About Us page of Ideaware checks with every criterion of our best About Us pages.

Besides, the consistent colors and engaging copies act as the cherries on top. Furthermore, Ideaware also puts distinct call to action messages for both customers and to-be employees.

Social Media Platform: 500px

As a social media platform for photographers, 500px understands its greatest asset: images. Hence, striking visuals are placed just about anywhere in the About Us Page. However, they outdid themselves in placing the call to action messages in a buttery smooth way.

Here is how 500px made their calls to action look natural and seamless. Firstly, they entice you with an adorable dog while describing their platform. Then, they don’t just scribble down their values. Rather, they tell you how these values fit in your lives.

If you are convinced early, they throw at you the first call to action, Get the App. Here, 500px doesn't target only potential users but also prospective recruits. Hence, the second call to action comes into play, Join Our Team. Now if you aren’t convinced by either, they use their last resort: 500px blogs.

The bottom line is that the 5oopx About Us page is a blend of creativity and ingenuity.

Sustainable Product: Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Combining emotions and the promise of sustainability to sell generic leisure products. Nobody perhaps did it better than Yellow Leaf Hammocks. The page hits your tear glands at every scroll of your finger. The first waves of emotions rush in as soon as you land on their About Us page.

A video shot in serene Asian villages starts playing. For a brief time, the viewer is exposed to the raw lifestyle of the hammock weavers. Then they take you through the whole process of weaving hammocks. At one stage, you realize that Yellow Leaf Hammocks isn't just weaving a bunch of threads; The company is weaving emotions.

As you scroll down the page, you are further exposed to the noble cause Yellow Leaf is nourishing. The company while producing hammocks is also empowering local communities, especially women folks. This is a prime example of creating unique values in even a generic product such as hammock.

In case, you were wondering what Yellow Leaf did with its call to action, here it is. Now, imagine being an emotional person and not buying a hammock from them.

call to action tag of yellow leaf hammocks

E-Commerce: Nike

We often get so engrossed in creating compelling copies for the About Us page that we forget about the visuals. On the contrary, the roles of visual and graphic elements are more important than you think. And Nike is here to show you why.

Below is the About Us page of Nike. The first thing that you notice is a woman who is on one prosthetics leg. But she is running and God! she is running fast. Then as you tend to scroll down, you see the quote.


Suddenly everything fits in like a puzzle. Everything starts to align in an instant.

Now, mark these words, Inspiration, Innovation, and You. Why? Because the About Us page of Nike is a peak example of pitch-perfect online branding. Every message that Nike delivers further down the page revolves around these 3 words.

Moreover, Nike also created a Resources Section in its About Us page. This section allows everyone i.e. visitors, suppliers, customers, and even prospective employees, to connect with Nike and keep track of updates.

Resources Section of Nike

Design Agency: Toyfight

One of the least copies that we came across in our search for the best About Us pages is on the Toyfight website. Instead, the agency used a blend of 3D illustrations, strong colors, and minimalism to bring out its unorthodox design.

However, what also caught our eyes was its atypical call to action. Minimalism at its best!

a hand sign

Music: Doomtree

Stories are great instruments to connect with people. Brands since the birth of sales have used stories to entice the right customers. Here is how Doomtree, a music band, has harnessed the power of stories.

The About Us page of Doomtree traces the origin of the team, from a garage band to an international label. See h0w the band frames its journey in a relatable and recognizable fashion? This is how Doomtree targets the right set of listeners. People who are utterly passionate about hip-hop music and would do anything for it.

The About Us page can be an inspiration for any label music company. The page further adds the stories of the individual team members. Moreover, there are diverse sections that allow the listeners to fans to connect with the band i.e. events, social media links, latest releases, videos, news, etc.

7 band members of Doomtree

Travel: Lonely Planet

What we love about the About Us page of Lonely Planet is its painfully simple origin story. The company frames its story in a timeline supported by historical images. As if the whole story were played right in front of your eyes.

lonely planet timeline a TV

The Story section also uses various breathtaking photos and travel elements from all around the world to wake the tourist in you. The website is also extremely user-friendly. So that users can make informed decisions, the company uses moving images of its application and print magazines.

Moreover, Call-to-Actions are also placed in a subtle way. The messages do not overwhelm visitors. Rather, they act as guides to navigate the website. Furthermore, the Resources section of Lonely Planet is also quite fulfilling.

Bottom Line

We hope that you have taken enough inspiration from our best About Us pages. The formula is simple. Relatable story. Creative copy. Pleasing visuals. And top-notch user experience.

So, at this point, creating a compelling About Us page should not seem like an intimidating task. Feel free to let us know you have a killer equation to stand out among myriads of About Us pages. However, if you still need help, hey! You can always contact BlogWriters, your dedicated content team.


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