How Would You Describe Yourself: 3 Samples to Crack the Interview


A while ago, you were acing the interview. You were gliding through all the technical answers. And suddenly the interviewer throws at you a curveball. “How would you describe yourself?” You start to search frantically through your brain for the perfect answer. Instead, you end up blabbering a lot of adjectives.

Close enough? Don’t worry. Once we are done with this session, you will be able to describe yourself in a new light. All it takes a bit of research and preparation.

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Why do they Ask You to Describe Yourself

Before we delve further into how to describe yourself, it’s important that you understand why the interview board asks so. Cracking the root will help you better answer the question.

Firstly, each job has a description. Each job demands from the incumbent not only physical skills but also a well-fit mentality. For example, suppose you are applying for a job as a marketer. Therefore, portraying yourself as someone trendy and creative is likely to be conducive to your image.

Secondly, each company has an internal culture. They cherish a set of values among employees. Hence, they want people who fit into the culture. For example, the culture of a company demands discipline. Contrarily you want autonomy. Hence, despite your immaculate technical skills, you might not be right value-fit.

How To Answer “How Would You Describe Yourself”

Here’s a common mistake most candidates make. They get confused when asked to tell about themselves. However, there is significant overlapping between “tell us about yourself” and “describe yourself,

The Answer to “Tell Us About Yourself”

When you are asked to tell about yourself, you need to-

  1. Craft a longer answer.
  2. Highlight your professional skills.
  3. Tell about your goals/dreams
  4. List the values you wish to bring into the company.
  5. Show your experience.
  6. Provide reference evidence to back up your words.

The Answer to “Describe Yourself”

On the other hand, here is how you describe yourself.

  1. Craft a shorter answer.
  2. Describe your human qualities.
  3. Show how these qualities add value to the company requirements.
  4. Contrary to answering “tell about yourself”, you use short, specific, and focused adjectives.

Crafting the Right Description

In short, your answer must have two key elements in it. It must show that-
1) You fit into the company culture.
2) You have relevant professional strengths

You know the answer to the second question. Off to the first one. How do you that you are a fit for the company? Here is a short exercise you can play. Describe your personality in one word. Work-driven? Motivated? Here are some more domains that you can choose from.

  • Balanced vs. Risk-Taker
  • Organize vs. Improvise
  • Flexible vs. Disciplined
  • Learning vs. Performance-driven
  • Methodical vs. Creative
  • Self-aware vs. Team player
  • Straightforward vs. Diplomatic

We are only as good as others see us. So, you can ask your family and friends, and colleagues to describe your personality in one or two words. Finally, compile them.

You can further describe your work style as well. Now read the job description again. If the job description is incomplete, check the company website. Then list down their values. Do any of your qualities match the requirements? Some must. Therefore, capitalize on the opportunity.

Words of Caution

  1. While you describe yourself, do not just leave strings of adjectives. Ensure that the adjectives translate to something meaningful. For example, if an accountant is “detail-oriented”, the adjective is said to be meaningful.
  2. Use adjectives wisely. You don't want to come off as someone who boasts. Praise yourself humbly is all we ask.
  3. A vague description makes you uninteresting. Instead, support your description with interesting stories and examples.
  4. Make sure you don’t lie about your human qualities. Suppose, you claim to be an extrovert. Be ready to back your claims with live charms of an extrovert person.
  5. Finally, keep it short and precise.

Now let’s go through some examples of how to craft the right description.

3 Samples of “Describe Yourself

Job Title #1 – Digital Marketing Executive

Job Description

A marketing agency is seeking a highly qualified and motivated individual. He/she must have a minimum of 3 years of experience in digital marketing or related fields i.e. SEO, Facebook marketing, and Instagram marketing. Moreover, he/she must be able to coordinate and lead diverse marketing teams.

Quick Analysis of Required Qualities

First for the basic analysis. The company is looking for a leader. The description looks for someone who can handle “diverse” teams. Hence, you must be adept at interpersonal communication.

Secondly, the candidate also must have expertise in related fields. Apart from describing your experience, you can portray yourself as a motivated learner too. Finally, the candidate must be qualified. So, you can list your hard skills in the end. Be sure to provide examples too.

Your answer to Describe Yourself:

I believe I am a leader. During my 3-year stay at X (your past organization), I was in charge of the content marketing team. I worked there with a diverse set of people. My work ethic is my biggest strength. Since I passionately love what I do, I try to learn and excel in different branches of marketing every day.

Job Title #2 – Engineering Project Supervisor

Job Description

A multinational construction firm seeking a highly experienced Project Supervisor. The candidate must be willing to work outdoors. He/she must also be prepared to work long hours. We also expect the candidate to have the caliber to manage large teams.

Quick Analysis of Required Qualities

A quick sweep reveals that the company is looking for a strong outdoor person. Because the job requires “outdoor” project supervision. Secondly, Since the workgroup is “large”, the candidate should be adept at group communication. As usual, provide examples.

Thirdly, the focus on the word “multinational”. If you have multi-language proficiency, put the spotlight on it. Finally, working long hours requires a dedicated personality. Hence, you must show that you are committed to your work. The interviewers should know that you can be relied upon.

Your answer to Describe Yourself:

I am extremely organized. My organized personality enables me to multi-task effectively. I have been the rare experience of leading multiple projects simultaneously. My proficiency in multiple languages helps me fit right in even a 50+ people-team. To add, My work ethic and punctuality make me the perfect team player.

Job Title #3 – Content Writer

Job Description

A writing firm is looking for a candidate who can ideate and create compelling content. The candidate must be skilled in copywriting, blog writing. Moreover, he/she has to collaborate with clients on a daily basis. Furthermore, the candidate must be flexible enough to change the tone of the writeups based on client demands.

Quick Analysis of Required Qualities

This must be pretty easy for you now! Firstly, the firm is looking for a person with a high emotional IQ. How? Because the writer needs to understand the right tone for each content. Secondly, “creativity” is the basic norm in the content writing industry. Hence, use the word “creative” in your narration.

Thirdly, apart from writing, the person needs to handle clients. Therefore, it is best to show that you have experience in client management. As optional qualities, you can show yourself as someone who doesn't miss deadlines.

Your answer to Describe Yourself:

I am extremely flexible. I am known to adapt to any situation. Since I was encharged with multiple writing projects in my last job, I can transition from one project to another. I was also in charge of the copywriting for product X that required high-end creativity. To add, I never missed a deadline.

To Summarize

Truth be told, we have only covered the surface. You have to do the major part. Practice, practice, and practice more. Be diligent with your homework.

It’s all about fitting yourself in the right narrative. The objective is to show that your skills and human qualities click with that of the perfect candidate. We part here, but good luck with your job!

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