E-Commerce About Us Page: Top 10 Strategies for Crafting a Sales Story


In 2017, Dew Smith revealed his mindboggling statistics on UX. The report concluded that 50% and more online shoppers frequently visit the e-commerce About Us page. However, what’s frightening is that you have less than 3 seconds to hook them or lose them forever.

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That’s how important your About Us page is to your e-commerce business. Sadly, the About Us page is often the least of our worries while creating the blueprint of our websites. Remember, your website is more than just a compilation of product pages.

In fact, a well-crafted About Us page is arguably one of your most important pages. It is the first element in online branding. So, are you ready to balance practicality and brand building? Let’s get started then!

What to Include in the E-Commerce About Us Page

How do you stand out among myriads of generic e-c0mmerce About Us pages? Certainly stuffing your ‘About Us’ page with bland information or readymade templates is not the answer. In order to stand out, you must be thoroughly strategic, and humanely approachable.

Therefore, invite your team members to sprint sessions and focus group discussions. Then brainstorm and brainstorm until you fixate on the content list. Now, it’s time to transform the technical aspects and values into consumer-friendly copies.

Nevertheless, here are the elements that every successful e-commerce About Us page has, and you should too.

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Top 10 Strategies for Crafting an About Us Page for E-Commerce Business

1. Discover the Why

Time to reveal the gospel truth. People do not buy from you because of what you sell. They do so because of why you sell. Hence, the ultimate goal of your About Us Page is to disclose the WHY to your customers.

Why are you selling what you are?
What is your cause and why do you defend it?
What roles do you play in the future of the world?

In this way, you don’t merely jot down your product features. Rather, you show how these features translate into consumer benefits and ultimately help your cause. Now boil them down to 3-4 lines. Easier said than done.

What if you sell generic products? What if you don’t have a noble cause? But this is what Bon Bon Bon did. They built a massive brand around good vibes and community feelings. Wait till you hear their WHY!

A livelihood and sisterhood based on the idea that
good people deserve good chocolate

If a chocolate manufacturing company can come up with such a noble cause, sure you can too!

2. Craft Riveting Origin Stories that Resonate

We, humans, love stories because they provide a skeleton for our consciousness. Stories have the potential to change minds. Wins hearts. Stories cut deep because they resonate with us in a raw, and intuitive way.

Here is how Skullcandy harnessed the true power of stories in its About Us page. With just a few words, the entire personality of Skullcandy comes alive in an instant. Suddenly we have words to describe the brand.
100% Original. Pioneering. Outdoor. Relentless.
As if we had known Skullcandy for years.

Moreover, what’s even greater is that anyone with such a rebel personality is hooked to Skullcandy forever.

3. Inform Your Customers

If you are in an industry with exotic e-commerce products, it is natural that people would readily want to know more about you. In such cases, we recommend you to explicitly explain your business process to your customers.

Doing so enables customers to make informed decisions. Moreover, they subconsciously see you as someone honest and transparent. For instance, New Chapter, a multivitamins manufacturer company, posted an infographic in its About Us page. The image explains its fermentation process to its customers in simple language.

fermentation process infographic

4. Visuals that Attract the Right Crowd

Eyes don’t lie. Hence, visuals are absolutely critical in online shopping. Because customers here rely solely on their eyes. By adding visuals, you use the least words to get your story across customers’ minds. Moreover, rich imagery often translates into product quality.

Furthermore, the right visuals elements can set your brand look and feel. For instance, minimal fonts speak of your modern personality. On the other hand, script fonts may be used if your brand is conscious of its culture and heritage. Hence, your design including color and style is contingent on the crowd you want to target.

Now here is a pop-quiz! You have to guess from the visuals on the About Us page of Bliss as to who the brand is targeting. Well, for starters, the brand is definitely not catering to rugged outdoor personalities, is it?

You can also add all kinds of visuals. Such as videos, 3D illustrations, gifs, in short, anything that speaks more than words.

5. People Follow Others

If there’s anything that is stronger than your words is your customer testimonials. If you have enough customer references, be bold to display them on your e-commerce About Us page.

Show, not tell, how your customers find your product useful. You can even use stats to back your claims. Finally, convey clearly how their support has driven you to achieve your cause.

This is an example from Crossropes. Their goal is to render workout accessible to everyone everywhere. See how beautifully the brand backed its claims in its About Us page.

men and women workout pictures

6. Call to Action that Benefit Customers

You have engaged the right crowd and lured them in with your humane stories on your About Us page. Now, don't keep them hanging in midair. It’s time to guide them to the next step with proper call to action messages.

This is where the subtle art of call to action comes into play. Whatever you do, make sure that you don't seem pushy. Instead, deliver the call to action messages seamlessly. Make them look natural.

7. Add Social Media Buttons

Adding social sharing buttons enable loyal users to create buzz on social networks. For most customers, it is an expected feature of your About Us page. Imagine from the perspective of a shopaholic person with shopaholic friends.

“Wow! That’s a pretty dress. Gotta share it with my circle. But hey! Where’s the share button?” Alright, you get the picture. In most cases, these people are responsible for most of your sales. Trust me! You don't want to disappoint them.

However, the choice of social media to include depends on the territory of your e-commerce business. It is safe to add the Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter links nevertheless.

Pro-tip: Add a newsletter sign-up option while you are at it.

8. Your Employees Matter Too

Often people who visit your e-commerce About Us page are not your potential customers. Rather, they are your to-be-employees. So as much as you want to attract the right customers, you don’t want to lose the right employee, do you?

Here is what we find absolutely fascinating about the About Us page of Nike. At the end of the page, the company included a full-fledged resources section for literally every stakeholder i.e. customers, employees, suppliers, executives, you name it.

9. Stay 100 Searches Away from Templates

Contrary to popular opinion, DO NOT use templates while creating your e-commerce About Us Page. Why? Because the same shoe doesn't fit all. Even if the template fits your profile, there’s no guarantee that other e-commerce pages have not already used it.

Reiterate what we said earlier. Your About Us page is a story. It should convey your and your origin story only. Simply put, it should be a unique reflection of your brand personality.

10. Update Your Customers

Finally, what can be worse than providing no information to customers? Giving out backdated or false information. Hence, it is absolutely critical that you update your About Us page. Everything you say must resonate with what you do simultaneously.

Monthly monitoring is enough for small or medium e-commerce. However, for Amazon, the undisputed king of e-commerce? The updates go online daily! As usual, Amazon outdid itself by publishing daily blogs on its service update ever since the pandemic started.

amazon about us page blogs

Final Thoughts

Disclaimer: These are absolutely not the only strategies and content ideas that you can apply in your e-commerce About Us Page.

So, should you need further help with crafting your About Us page, you can always contact BlogWriters, your dedicated content marketing team. Perhaps, your About Us page might end up as an inspiration for others.


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