How to Write Product Descriptions for Websites That Generate Sales


In the world of e-commerce, setting up a website is easy. But, when it comes to sales generation, product description plays a vital role. In this article, we live guide you on How to Write Product Descriptions for Websites.

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What is a Product Description?

A product description is a marketing copy that is used to describe a product’s value proposition to potential customers. It provides shoppers with details about features, benefits, and common uses of the product. The main goal is simply to explain what the product does and why someone should buy it.

Product descriptions should be easy to read, engaging, and informative. It should be able to pursue customers to purchase what you are selling and build a good impression about your website.

Why are product descriptions crucial to website?

When you are selling a product online, you need to remember that the buyers cannot see your product upfront, nor do you have the option to pursue them in person. Hence, the only force that is likely to compel them to consider buying your product is the description!

A well written, engaging product description can do wonders for your website. It is one of the most important aspects of your online shop when it comes to conversion.

You must provide value in your product descriptions to convince the visitors to purchase your product. People gravitate towards certain words. Incorporating them into your description makes it easier for you to attract customers and to sell your products.

Moreover, unique descriptions are also essential to succeed in the highly-competitive world of online business.Websites need to frequently come up with new material to stand up to their competition, both in the fight for customers as well as for the best position in the search engine results pages.

7 Guidelines on How to Write Product Description for Websites!

Even though descriptions are very important, writing product descriptions is not as easy as it seems. It takes a lot of effort and practice before you can write the best product description for your website.

Following these tips while you construct your description will provide you a framework for writing the perfect product descriptions.

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1. Buyers are the top priority

The purpose of writing a product description is to convince shoppers to click on the ''add to cart'' button, right? So, of course, they are your main priority.

Buyers’ Persona -

To be able to write great product descriptions, you need to know your customers well. You should know their pain points and frustrations, and why do they need the product. Focus on what they value in life, and what they are willing to spend their hard-earned cash on.

Few things to keep in mind while creating your buyers’persona are -

  • Demography
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Problem your audience might be facing
  • Income Level
  • Interests

Use these to your advantage in your description, use the words they use to describe these pains, frustrations, and values. Use your product descriptions to tell them that this is what they are looking for.

Make Use of Questions -

When writing the description, try to put yourself in the buyers' shoes and ask yourself what you expect from the description. Focus on the questions a customer would have and try to answer them through your product descriptions. You can think about the who, what, where, when, why, and how before writing.

2. Depth of the details are crucial

While it is true that when you write for the website, people don’t always like to read much, but you should still include all the necessary details and product specs.

Especially in the case of product descriptions, it must be clear and detailed. Since the customers can't ask you any questions, you need to make sure you provide them with an in-depth description of your products.

Mention every specification

Listing the specifications shows that you know your item well and pay attention to detail. You must include the basic details like size, weight, color, materials, etc. Along with the prices, mention if there is any discount available, the payment options, or if delivery is available, etc.

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Moreover, try to mention all the ingredients - especially if your product if a health, beauty, or food item. Do not only tell what is in your product, but also draw attention to what is not in your products. That is, mention if it is cruelty-free, vegan, etc. This solidifies the customer’s trust in your store.

Categorize the description

Of course, not every product requires an equally detailed description. Common items, such as basic t-shirts, cooking pan, etc. do not need a detailed product description as people already have an idea.

Alt = '' Catrgorize Product Descriptions ''

However, if your product is somewhat unique, it requires a bit more information. Then it is required that you not only add the basic specifications, but provide an in-depth explanation. For instance, giving instructions on how to set up or how to take care of your products.

3. Show benefits not features

In most cases, we buy a product because we expect certain benefits from it. People want their lives to be better and more convenient by using a product that they bought.

No one is drawn by a list of features; they want to know what’s in it for them. Instead, they get excited about the many benefits on offer and the solutions that come along with it.

Alt = '' Convert features to benefits ''
This example shows how to turn features into benefits

Thus, in your product descriptions, you should focus on writing the benefits that come from the features. Help your buyer understand how your product will help them, how it will solve their problems and meet their needs.

4.Touch of Creativity

Let's face it - with all the information and specifications, product descriptions can get very boring. Adding a touch of creativity to it can help gain the buyers' attention.

Make it unique and attractive

You can make your product description stand out by adding some unique elements to it.

You can take a different path, and instead of piling up on information, you could use creativity to describe your products instead. For instance, you could use superlatives and different adjectives to describe the product.

Alt = '' Add creativity in Descriptions ''
The first line is a quote from Mean Girls to grab attention

Besides, you could also grab attention by using an imaginary scenario to make your description feel like a conversation. You could also add quotes or examples that your buyers can relate to.

Tell a story

A good story never fails to attract people. Telling stories is part of what makes us human. At the same time, it could be a powerful attention grabber for your product descriptions.

Using stories in your product description will help you add more character to your item and engage your audience. This will appeal to your readers’ imagination and draw them towards your products.

5. Is it easy to read and scan?

You need to keep in mind that buyers don't have the time to sit and read your lengthy descriptions. They are most likely to scan through the information.

Before anyone reads the details of your product, you have to convince them it’s worth reading. So, when you write a product description for your website, you should always format the text particularly for the web and for how people read.

Short short short

When constructing your description follow this mantra - Short Words, Short Sentences, Short Paragraphs.

Most people don't have the time and desire to read big paragraphs, hence it is important to keep everything as concise as possible. Try to keep it simple and easy and avoid unnecessary jargon that your customer would have a hard time understanding.

Use bullet points

You can display special features and highlights as bullet points. They are easier to read and make the description look neat as well.

Alt = '' use heading and bullet points ''
Proper use of Title and bullet points

Additionally, use subheadings and key points to make segments. This helps readers to go through selective in the parts they want to focus on.

Power words

Words, when used correctly, have a way of calling out to the customers. Certain influential words can trigger peoples actions and mindsets. They make people curious about the actual product.

Alt = '' Power Words''
List of Power Words

Incorporating these words in your product description can compel your customers to take notice and change their mind about your product.

6. The Power of Social proof

Indeed your quality of writing is very important, but it might not be enough to convince. Following the ideal of ''Show not Tell'' can be of help. Adding social proof or a visual can increase the chances of a customer to buy your product.

Images and videos

Adding visuals such as pictures and videos can be a real game-changer. Always try to include an adequate amount of pictures to your product descriptions - they are not only visually appealing but also support your descriptions.

Alt = '' Add lots of pictures in Product Descriptions for Websites ''
Use of a lot of pictures

Always try to include real pictures and videos instead of using pictures from the internet.

Customer reviews

People tend to rely on others' words a lot. Before buying something online, they prefer to know about other users experiences.

Including positive customer reviews to your descriptions will make a good impression and help to convince people to buy your products.

Showoff achievements

Finally, do not be afraid to show off - use your unique selling point to the full advantage. If your products have something unique about them, if there are any achievements or specifications, make sure to be bold about it.

Alt = '' Flaunt your acheivements ''
It Cosmetics flaunting their best seller award

7. Keep SEO in mind

It is equally important to show up on searches because if you don't show up when someone searches a similar product, there is no point in having good product descriptions.

Hence, your descriptions should be equally appealing to search engines as well. Focus on quality and uniqueness.

To boost your SEO, make sure to use product-specific keywords. You can also add some naturally-occurring keywords to your product description. Moreover, along with your description, also make sure to use the keywords in Page titles, Meta descriptions, and ALT tags.

If you want to increase your conversion rates and get more sales, there is no alternative to good product descriptions. We hope this article acts as a guide to help you write effective product descriptions for your website.


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