Small Business About Us Page: Top 7 Examples for Local Brands To Deliver Inspiring Stories


If we had a penny for every time a local business skipped on its About Us page! A small business About Us Page is a great way to stand out among myriads of generic shops. This page is the first stepstone toward building a brand, however insignificant it may seem.

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However, the little portion of owners who add an About Us page does it entirely wrong. They focus solely on readymade and irrelevant templates. Some clutter the page with totally irrelevant information.

Hence, it is important these businesses have the necessary guidelines to craft a well-defined About Us page and get the most out of their minimal budget.

Elements that Your Small Business About Us Page Should Have (With Bonus Examples and Tips)

1. Your Company Description: State Your Values

This is a max 150-word small description of the company. In this regard, always remember the Golden Circle. First, state why you do what you do. Then, tell them how you achieve that WHY. Finally, state what you do.

Simply put, anyone landing on your local business website for the first time should understand what unique values you have to offer. Moreover, your company description should be as small and simple as your business. Hence, it’s better to save your verbose rhetorics for the next sections.

Furthermore, pinch in brief mission and vision statement too. There you go! A sweet company description served on a silver platter.

6th Man Movers literally did everything we expect in an ideal small business About Us page. But we really loved its company description: a unique blend of localization and professionalism.

about us page description a house

2. Your Unique Story: Share Your Origins

This is, in our opinion, the most important, surely the most interesting, section of your About Us page. We, humans, are suckers for stories because stories give meaning to seemingly incoherent sentences. We tend to remember stories more because we can relate to them in a primitive way.

Therefore, leverage your origin story and use it as an elevator pitch. Make sure it has the right blend of emotion and relevance that cut deep into the customer’s minds. It should address an initial challenge you faced and how you overcame the challenge to establish your business. Because let’s be honest! Who doesn't love a hero?

This is a remarkable example of Hiut Denim. Because the brand could craft an absolutely moving story, it is not selling denim anymore. Rather, Hiut Denim sells culture. It sells emotions.

about us page description hiut denim

Cardigan is a small town of 4,000 good people. 400 of them used to make jeans. They made 35,000 pairs a week. For three decades.
Then one day the factory closed. It left town. But all that skill and knowhow remained. Without any way of showing the world what they could do.

That’s why we have started The Hiut Denim Company. To bring manufacturing back home.

Still on the idea that your small business About Us page isn't that important? Well, think again.

3. Employee Profile: Presenting Oneself as Human

You don’t have to be a big brand to create a compelling humane brand. Instead, creating a humane brand is all the more important to your small business. Because often customers know a small business by its owner’s name or employee profiles.

Moreover, adding an employee profile can reflect your brand personality. It shows what culture your brand endorses, what values you nurture. Because a brand is only the sum total of its people.

In this aspect, Luna Boutique is my absolute favorite. The moment you are exposed to this friendly profile, your perception changes abruptly. In an instant, Luna Boutique becomes a person. It gradually takes the shape of an amiable middle-aged woman.

In case you have a team of 6-7 members, Sapling Press might be a more apt example for you. We love how each member has his/her unique personality, yet succeed to inspire strong community feelings.

7 people cat dog image gallery

4. Contact Information: Place it Where Customers Want to

Most small businesses tend to have a more offline and functional business process. Hence, no matter how beautiful the company description or how riveting your story might be, contact information is the first thing most customers will be looking for.

Therefore, for local brands, placing the contact information and address in the right place is absolutely critical for business growth. Just to be safe, include your business in the Google online business directory too.

5. Call To Action: Guide Your Customers

Time to reveal that one frequent mistake that most small businesses succumb to. After finally attracting the right crowd with a humane brand personality and well-crafted stories, they leave the customers to themselves.

Therefore, instead of hanging your customers in suspense, guide them with proper call-to-action. A CTA message can come in different forms. For instance, you can guide them to your product page. You can also redirect them to your blog section if any. Moreover, the most common CTA might come in the form of “Call Us” messages.

Whatever the form, just insert them. As usual, we will be providing a stellar example from a local brand. Reliable Plumbing is a plumbing service catering to the Mid-Michigan area for the last 70 years. While the brand rightfully takes pride in its heritage, it should also take pride in the attention it put in its CTA messages.

reliable plumbing about us page

For instance, even when you scroll, the topmost bar remains static. The business has an emergency number, a crucial CTA in the plumbing service.

In case you don’t seek an immediate service, you can simply Schedule a Call, highlighted in red. Moreover, Reliable Plumbing also inserts a CTA in the brand origin story, just in case you are touched by the story and decide to order.

6. Press Mentions: It Speaks Quality

Press mentions inevitably translates into quality. It isn’t every day you see a small business commended publicly for its services. Therefore, showcase your press mentions and accolades on your About Us page. Local people love them!

For instance, we adore the Press Section of the About Us page of Pink Avocado Catering. You can check out its whole About Us page, for the page is a treat itself!

Finally, we believe exhibiting press mentions on a small business About Us page show that the brand is slowly but surely growing.

7. Visual Elements: Right Colors Attract Right Bees

Are visuals really important for a small business About Us Page? If you are remotely related to the design industry, the answer is yes. If you are not, the answer is yes anyway.

The right visuals attract the right crowd. Consistent visual elements can even help your small business grow in unimaginable ways. The right look and feel can enable you to carve a big brand out of your small business.

This time we bring the example of Elle T. Interior Design. The moment you lay your eyes on this page, you know one thing for sure. This trio is definitely creative. What other words do the visuals inspire in you? Friendly? Eccentric? Aesthetic? If all yes, then kudos to the brand, for these are the exact words they wanted you to associate them with.


If you are still not convinced, then here is a fact. Every big brand was once a tiny entity. However, they became where they are because they had a dream. And they dared to capture it, nurture it, and finally envision it.

The bottom line is that find you WHY and paint it on to your small business About Us page. In case you need help with crafting the right dream for your brand, contact us at BlogWriters, your dedicated content marketing team.


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